Direcionar Consultoria

Direcionar Consultoria

Website for Direcionar Consultoria, a company specialized in coaching and consulting for health professionals. On the site it is possible to know the services and products of the company and follow the blog with important themes for this target audience.


Client: Direcionar Consultoria (Ipatinga, Minas Gerais, Brazil)

Address: https://www.direcionarconsultoria.com.br

Objective: List the company’s products and services and keep a blog easily updated.

Language: Portuguese

Front-End: The site was assembled using the WordPress platform and the Rocked theme, making it easier for the client to update the content. The design is also responsive, it adjusts to the size of the device where it is being viewed.

Back-End: The WordPress platform automates the entire back-end of the site. It uses PHP language and MySQL database.

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