Filgueiras Family

Filgueiras Family, Family memories

The site Família Filgueiras, Memórias de família (Filgueiras Family, Family memories) is the result of the research initiated by Nenzinha (Philomena Filgueiras) and later continued by her niece Marietta (Marietta Filgueiras de Amorim) on the ascendants and descendants of Alfredo Gonçalves Filgueiras.

Photos, texts and family trees were digitized and organized on this site so that all relatives and interested parties could have easy access to this extensive material.


Client: Marietta Filgueiras de Amorim (Ipatinga, Minas Gerais, Brazil)


Objective: To provide all the information of the research so that it can be consulted.

Main challenge: Display genealogical tree with more than 600 names and several branches of the family.

Language: Portuguese

Front-End: The site was assembled using HTML and CSS languages ​​and with a simple and clean design, with emphasis on content. The design is responsive, it adjusts to the size of the device where it is being viewed.

Back-End: The structure of the site was assembled in PHP language and using a data system in text files with each person’s technical files, which allows the dynamic assembly of the genealogical tree of each person mentioned in the study.

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