Peygran Calculator


The Peygran Calculator web application is used by Peygran’s customers to plan and calculate the quantity of products required for the installation of elevated decks and wall clamps using the company’s products.

The architect or contractor draws the area where the elevated deck or wall clamps will be installed, tracing the lines through the measurements or with the help of an image, informs the height at different points and the application calculates the types of pedestals or clamps, quantities and where they should be installed. The person can then print or download a PDF report with all the project data and list of products they will need.


Client: Peygran (Ibi, Alicante, Spain)

Address: (note: you need to register to access the application)

Purpose: Estimate the amount of each pedestal size needed for an elevated deck, or the amount of each type of wall clamp.

Main challenge: To create a process as simple as possible for the insertion of the information and obtaining the results, automating to the maximum the necessary mathematical calculations.

Language: Multi-language. Project delivered in English, Portuguese and Spanish, with possibility of translation into any other language.

Front-End: The application was developed in JavaScript language and with the use of HTML and CSS languages ​​for design assembly. The design is responsive, it adjusts to the size of the device where it is being viewed. The final report, with generated drawings and product list, can be sent directly to the printer or exported in PDF format.

Back-End: Projects created can be saved to the designer account, which accesses the application using a login system. There is also a Control Panel where the Peygran staff can update the technical data of the products, change the various configurations and monitor the use of the application by its customers. The back-end was developed using the PHP language, MySQL database and the AJAX method for dynamic and fast communication with the front end.

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